The Midwest PBIS Network

Is an educational organization at SASED that supports implementation of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports in state, local, and community agencies throughout the Midwest. A partner with the OSEP funded National PBIS Technical Assistance Center, the Network develops the capacity of schools to prevent problem behaviors, promote positive school culture, and to evaluate the impact on both social and academic success of all youth, including those with the highest level of need.

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This is a space for you to share your success stories, be recognized for your achievements, and help others learn.  Districts and schools are always looking for ideas and success stories from other schools and your contributions help us create a bank of examples for others to learn from.  In addition, your story may be featured on our website or in training materials
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Do you have questions about starting PBIS Implementation? Register for an upcoming PBIS Overview webinar. May and June dates are still available!

2015-2016 Recognition: The Recognition Application is now available! Information about Recognition for the 2015-16 School year is now located on the Recognition page. Remember to visit the Recognition FAQs and the *new* Recognition Webinars! Recognition Applications are due by May 25, 2016.

Measure Your Fidelity: Use the new Tiered Fidelity Inventory to measure fidelity at one time across all three tiers. It is now available for free on PBIS Apps.

Implementation in High Schools: Case study
on eight high schools implementing the PBIS framework to support students

National  News: US Depts. of Ed. and Justice release federal guidance on school discipline and discrimination, emphasizing  prevention and positive school environments. Visit website for guidance package and resources.

Recent Presentations 

Integrating Mental Health through PBIS Systems in Schools 
Lucille Eber, Midwest PBIS Network

January 14, 2015
Capital Region BOCES

Integrating Mental Health through PBIS Systems in Schools 
Lucille Eber, Midwest PBIS Network

January 13, 2015
Capital Region BOCES

Installing Tier 2 Systems Data & Practices (and Planning for Tier 3)
Lucille Eber, Midwest PBIS Network

January 11, 2015

Click here for training materials from the July 2015 Summer Training Institute

New York SCTG Sites: 

September 29th: New York SCTG Sites, Coaches & Project Coordinators

September 28th: Administrators, Coaches, Project Coordinators Presentation 

Lucille Eber and Jessica Swain-Bradway, Midwest PBIS Network

Sept 28-29, 2015

California Mental Health Advocates for Children & Youth Conference - May 2015

May 14th Plenary: Mental Health & Schools –Connecting the Systems Data & Practices 

Lucille Eber, Midwest PBIS Network

Session 1A: Integrating Individualized Interventions forStudents with Mental Health Challenges within a School-wide System of Positive Behavior Supports 

Lucille Eber, Midwest PBIS Network

Illinois Deans Association - April 2015

12th Annual APBS Conference - March 2015

Lucille Eber, Midwest PBIS Network, Lombard, IL; Kelly Perales, Community Care Behavioral Health, Hummelstown, PA 

PBIS National Forum- December 2015
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2016-17 Training Institutes  
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Academic Seminar Webinar 4 - 
Barriers & Enablers
May 23, 2016

Swift at SWIS & SWIS-CICO 
August 5, 2016

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National PBIS Leadership Form 
October 27-28, 2016