Oct 1, 2014

Announcing the new Midwest PBIS Network

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the new Midwest PBIS Network, an educational organization at SASED, supporting implementation of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) in state, local, and community agencies throughout Illinois and the Midwest. As a technical assistance hub of the USDOE’s National PBIS Technical Assistance Center, the mission of the Midwest PBIS Network is to develop capacity of schools to prevent problem behaviors, promote positive school culture, and to evaluate the impact on both social and academic success of all youth, including those with the highest level of need.

The Midwest PBIS Network will provide districts, administrators, school leadership teams, and coaches access to training and technical assistance specifically for implementing and sustaining PBIS systems. Content areas for support can range from readiness and start-up to advanced tiers including wraparound and RENEW. Additional focus areas include cultural relevancy and equity in discipline, bullying prevention, and mental health integration. Districts may be interested in specific partnering with the Network to target and achieve school-improvement goals in behavioral, school climate, or other student outcomes.

We invite you to participate in the new Midwest PBIS Network. In order to help us organize our resources and supports, please complete our survey* about training and technical assistance needs in your district or region by October 15th. The data from all respondents will be shared by November 1st and used to establish regional and/or district specific training and technical assistance supports. Thank you for your commitment to supporting the behavior of all our students. Feel free to contact me directly with any suggestions or questions regarding PBIS needs in your district.


Lucille Eber 
Director, Midwest PBIS Network

*For support with training and technical assistance needs in your district or region, please email support@midwestpbis.org .