Welcome to Common Ground Education Podcast. The Podcast is focused on progressive education, mental health resources and multi-disciplinary collaboration. The goal is provide needed information to professionals in the educational domain. The host is a school social worker but the podcast is meant for any professional who works in the educational world. 

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Fireside Chat: How to Improve School Culture
SEPTEMBER 29 2019 - [51 mins] - Listen in Spreaker

In this episode we dive into strategies and concepts important in establishing a positive school culture.


Conversation Starter: The Impact of Burnout on the Educational System
April 7 2019 - [9 mins] - Listen in Spreaker

In second episode in our series "Conversation Starter" we dive into the complexity of burnout. In this short clip we discuss the impact the mental health crisis is having on educators and the system of education. 


What is PBIS? What does it mean to be a 'Social Emotional Leader'?
DECEMBER 4 2018 - [51 mins] - Listen in Spreaker

In this episode we discuss what PBIS is from a foundational perspective and also dive into the subject of "what does it mean to be a social emotional leader" . This is just part 1! Part 2 to come soon!