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 Strengthening Relationship To Strengthen Outcomes

Videos:  Every Opportunity
Resilience: Moving the Fulcrum
Article:  Supportive Relationships and Active Skill-Building Strengthens the Foundations of Resilience 
Self-Care Assessment
September Feedback - Google Form


  PBIS Myth Busters:  Common Misunderstandings

Resources:  FAQ on Acknowledgements
Using a Hierarchy of Supportive Consequences to Address Problem Behaviors in the Classroom
Thoughtful and Reflective Questions
November Feedback - Google Form


Become a Data Ninja:  Using Data for Decision Making 


Video:  TIPS Meeting

Tier I TIPS Meeting Minute Form
Tier II TIPS Meeting Minute Form
Tier III TIPS Meeting Minute Form
TIPS Fidelity of Implementation Checklist
SWIS Drill Down Worksheet
Guiding Questions for CICO Problem Solving & Action Planning
Guiding Questions for SAIG Problem Solving and Action Planning Articles: 
Fidelity of SW-PBIS in High Schools:  Patterns of Implementation Strengths and Needs
How are Schools Using the SWPBIS TFI?
Do Schools Implementing SWPBIS Have Decreased Racial and Ethnic Disproportionality in School Discipline?
What are Patterns and Predictors of CICO Participation in US Schools?
Listening Assessment
January Feedback - Google Form


 Make it Fun:  Teaching Students and Staff

TA Brief: 
  Teaching Social-Emotional Competencies within a PBIS Framework
Compassion Resilience Toolkit
Illinois State Board of Education - SEL Standards
End of Year Surveys:
CNM Survey
Communication Survey
APBS Film Series
Teaching SW Expectations - Inman Intermediate in Nixa, MO
MLK You Belong - Liberty High School in North Liberty, IA
Table Talk:  Keeping Area Clean - Huntley High School in Huntley, IL
Wylie's Neighborhood - Woodland School District 50, IL
Howard Wigglebottom Controls His Anger
Under the Surface
Positivity Challenge - Ferndale High School
Active Supervision - Heritage Lakes Elementary, CCSD93
CICO Feedback


Meeting Date Topic(s)  Materials
Classroom Practices
 Installing System for Classroom Practices Specific Feedback
NovemberUsing PBIS Framework to be Trauma Informed
 January Family Engagement
  • January CNM PPT
  • FACE Innovation Configuration (
  • Family Screener
  • Article:
    • Defining and Promoting Family Engagement in School-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PDF) - S. Andrew Garbacz, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Jennifer J. Rose, Loyola University Chicago; Mark D. Weist, University of South Carolina; Kent McIntosh, University of Oregon - PBIS Leadership Forum 2017 Roundtable Dialogue
 April Mentoring
Restorative Practices
Recognition & TFI


 Month Meeting Materials & Resources





1. PPT
2. Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) 

3. Video, Who Cares About Kelsey (extended trailer)

Coaches Forum 
at the 
Spring Training Institute
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 1. PPT
 2. Planning Guide