Establishing Supportive Schools
Proactive PBIS strategies and useful resources to help establish supportive school climates

       "Students are reporting incidents of racism, sexism, and homophobia in our schools...  As hard as it feels sometimes, I think we are fortunate to have the opportunity to serve as leaders in education at a moment when our national conversation is wrestling with how to recognize and include more voices in our American story... Ensuring our students learn how to challenge ideas without using insulting or demeaning language is part of our special charge as educators.  
       Learning happens when we experience disequilibrium and uncertainty. However, as we know from personal experience and mounting evidence from brain research, learning happens best when we feel SAFE. Educators in our schools and communities are charged with creating and maintaining that safe space while preparing young people to participate in democratic civic life...  Let’s use this moment to reach out, welcome, include, and fully embrace each and every child in our schools so that our students are more successful than ever before."
–Tony Smith, Illinois State Superintendent of Education
PBIS Strategies
Useful Resources