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As a social emotional leader, you know the work is never-ever done. This includes the work of being willing to be vulnerable enough to continue to grow and change as professionals. This vulnerability is where we can deepen our leadership skills, improve our critical thinking skills, and find the courage and strength it takes to lead the giant work of systems change, wherever you are planted. This event was previously titled Clinician "Learning" Forum, and is/was for social workers, psychologists, counselor, and administrators. This day is for all clinicians, including those who participated in the past years!
Role of Clinician  
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2019 Agenda & Materials

Recorded Overviews:
These recordings are suggested for clinicians registering that did not participate in last year's Clinician Learning Forum or anyone wanting to refresh on content.

The following references are suggested reads to provide an overview of the the Role of the Clinician in a multi-tiered system of support.

Day 2:

    2018 Agenda & Materials

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    Day 1 Topic Areas:  
      • Self-assessment
      • The crisis about everything being a crisis
      • Fitting in the MTSS Model
      • Building capacity of staff
      • Planning Day 2 administrator conversations
      • Pushing the practice forward
    Day 2 Topic Areas: 
      • Social/emotional leadership and Day 1
      • Three hours of quality, small group break out time for you and your principal to participate in two of the following areas of your choice:
        • Job Descriptions
        • Re-evaluate/create new crisis procedures
        • Professional development plan for staff
        • Workload/caseload dialogue
    Participants can expect to leave with:
      • A renewed sense of clinician role and a plan to achieve that role
      • Two artifacts to bring back to their buildings that will help strengthen systems around social/emotional supports in the building
      • An opportunity to participate in follow-up events and a learning community upon completion of the days
    Google Drive Sharing:
    *As you access materials from this shared folder, please provide credit through citation of the work.  Include as much of the following as possible, author (school/district), date of publication, title of work, and site retrieved from. Example:  Crystal Lake CCSD 47, Defining Crisis, Retrieved from: )