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2019 Agenda & Materials

2018 Agenda & Materials

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Day 1 Topic Areas:  
    • Self-assessment
    • The crisis about everything being a crisis
    • Fitting in the MTSS Model
    • Building capacity of staff
    • Planning Day 2 administrator conversations
    • Pushing the practice forward
Day 2 Topic Areas: 
    • Social/emotional leadership and Day 1
    • Three hours of quality, small group break out time for you and your principal to participate in two of the following areas of your choice:
      • Job Descriptions
      • Re-evaluate/create new crisis procedures
      • Professional development plan for staff
      • Workload/caseload dialogue
Participants can expect to leave with:
    • A renewed sense of clinician role and a plan to achieve that role
    • Two artifacts to bring back to their buildings that will help strengthen systems around social/emotional supports in the building
    • An opportunity to participate in follow-up events and a learning community upon completion of the days
Google Drive Sharing:
*As you access materials from this shared folder, please provide credit through citation of the work.  Include as much of the following as possible, author (school/district), date of publication, title of work, and site retrieved from. Example:  Crystal Lake CCSD 47, Defining Crisis, Retrieved from: )