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Opening:  Alignment Ali Hearn, Technical Assistance Director, Midwest PBIS Network
Systems Response Tool

Change Your Words, Change Your World!

Tracy Bugh, PBIS External Coach for Quincy Public Schools

This session is for coaches, administrators and team members! You will leave with ready-to-use professional development ideas to use with teachers, para-professionals, bus drivers and/or cafeteria workers.  We will focus on using positive language with students through two classroom practices: Behavior Specific Praise and Active Supervision as well as  strategies to support staff in inspecting what they expect! You will have the ability to make the presentation your own, personalizing it for your setting and audience.



Effective Meetings Engage Members

 Kelly Maher, Social Emotional Learning Coordinator, CCSD 15
Do your team members or staff ever wonder why they are in a meeting?  Or say I can’t attend that meeting as I have way too much work to do? This session will provide coaches and administrators strategies to shift meetings to be a place where the work is done and all members feel like a valuable participants.  There will be time to incorporate some of the strategies discussed in to an upcoming meeting you are planning. 


 Our Journey to Intentionally Embedding Equity Practices within PBIS
 My Hardin, Dean of Students at Grassy Creek Elementary
Faith Nuttall, Early Interventions Services Coordinator, Office of Exceptional Learners 
MSD Warren Township in Indianapolis
In the midst of examining current PBIS practices, our school’s journey to intentionally make our PBIS more culturally responsive while building cultural awareness among staff. Participants will hear about common challenges and successes in this journey. They will also hear strategies used to broaden our cultural lenses. 

Creating a Culture for Compassion Resilience

Katie Pohlman, Technical Assistance Director, Midwest PBIS Network
Education is a helping profession and many of us have heard the terms compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout that are often associated with helping professions.  In this session, coaches, team members and administrators will explore individual self-care as well as a system features to support all educators in their district/building to improve self-care to achieve better outcomes for students.  


Coaching Data, Systems, and Practices Throughout the Tiers


, MTSS Lead, Elgin U46 
Coaching isn't easy!  In this session a U-46 Coach will share lessons learned from supporting PBIS implementation at all three tiers as an MTSS lead.  Learning to better utilize data for decision-making, helping lead effective team meetings, developing and implementing PD, and modeling skills for facilitators in real time are just some of the responsibilities that are important to master as a PBIS coach... come and learn some ideas about how! 

A District Approach to Installing Restorative Practices within PBIS Framework

Woodland School District 50  

This session will explore the journey that Woodland School District has taken to install Restorative Practices district-wide within the PBIS Framework.  Through close examination of data, systems, and practices features necessary for successful installation participants should leave with a greater understanding of what it would take to implement Restorative Practices with fidelity through a multi-tiered system of supports.





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Opening Session

 Vision, Passion, and Sustainability!
CCSD 93's PBIS Journey
Tips for Coaches

Positively PBIS

For Newer Coaches

 A session for newer coaches who are interested in laying the foundation of PBIS and Responsive Classroom in their own school. You will learn about implementation of Social-Emotional Learning by connecting these two programs at both the classroom and whole-school level, which will lead to both student and staff buy-in!

PBIS at a Mid-Sized Public Charter School:

A Journey of Alignment & Flexibility

As a fairly young mid-sized charter school with a unique campus environment, we’ve learned a lot about making PBIS work for us while working to stay true to its philosophical underpinnings and practical requirements. We hope the “growing pains” of our process can help your school on its own unique PBIS journey!


Participants will be provided with an exemplar of how one coach after attending an FBA/BIP training revisited the building's current procedures for developing behavioral intervention plans in effort to make it a more systematized, team-based approach. Methods used to increase staff, student, and family's capacity and participation in FBA/BIP development and implementation will be discussed. Initial challenges, successes, and current status will be shared.

Family Engagement at All 3 Tiers

One school's experience (so far) with using family engagement as a bridge between PBIS and Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF) / Mental Health Integration.

Making It Work at Tier 2 (through the eyes of a high school)

One high school describes their journey through the tiers, starting at Tier 1 and moving into Tier 2. These coaches will share about the challenges faced and thoughts about how they overcame them.

"Wow. I Never Would Have Thought of That!"

Woodland District 50 will motivate, captivate and invigorate you with  creative ways to re-energize your staff and students. Ideas can be used as soon you return with your schools. Be ready to have fun, think outside the triangle and learn something new.