Fall Training Institute: Training Session Information
UIC PAC Center - Springfield, IL | 3 Days of Training! October 24-26
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Fall Institute
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Note: School teams can participate in all three days of training. These trainings will be in different rooms at the same location. Consider sending multiple staff members to participate in each of the content areas.

2-Day Training Options
Tuesday, October 24th- Wednesday, 25th
  • Tier I Team Training*

This session will establish systems, data use, and practices at the Tier I level. School teams will learn and action plan around implementation of the core features of Tier I PBIS, including: leadership team composition and operating procedures; defining, teaching, and acknowledging behavioral expectations; classroom procedures; involving faculty, students, and families; data-based decision making; and monitoring for fidelity of implementation. Implementing Tier I with fidelity is associated with a strong increase in the pro-social culture and climate of the building, and a decrease in office discipline referrals and other negative behaviors.  

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* Tier I Team training is for full school teams including the building administrator, a designated school-based PBIS coach, and typically four to six additional Tier I team members (faculty, staff representatives; family representatives; clinical staff, etc.).  District-based PBIS coaches are also encouraged to participate with school teams. 
  • Tier II Team Training (Days 1 & 2)
This session will help schools develop the capacity for an effective and efficient continuum of foundational Tier II supports (including Check-In Check-Out (CICO), Social Academic Instructional Groups (SAIG), CICO w/ind. features, and Mentoring).  Schools will be supported in the establishment of a Secondary Systems Planning Team, learn how to use Universal data to target groups of students in need of Tier II support and assess the fidelity of these interventions. 
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1-Day Training Options

Thursday, October 26th
  • Tier I Coaching for School and District Leaders
School administrators and coaches will prepare to lead their school through the planning and implementation of PBIS. These leaders will learn the critical features of PBIS, and understand the integration of classroom management practices into Tier I. Participants will also learn about coaching and team facilitation roles, use of behavioral data for decision-making, and progress-monitoring for fidelity of implementation and student outcomes. School leaders may participate in this training as the third day follow-up to team training or in advance of team training (e.g.: Leaders participate in Summer Institute and Team participates in Fall Institute). Click here for complete description and downloadable materials.

  • Tier II Team Training (Day 3) Social Academic Instructional Groups (SAIG) and Mentoring Components Across All Tiers
This training session is designed to help teams and schools install Social Academic Instructional Groups (SAIG) and Mentoring into their tiers of behavioral supports. Schools will be supported in the process of exploring critical features of Tier 2 interventions and how they are applied to groups and mentoring. Teams will learn about the systems necessary to support these interventions and the data used to assess student outcomes and intervention fidelity.

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  • Classroom Management
Note: Classroom management practices are critical to implementation of PBIS, and are integrated into the successful implementation of behavior supports across all three tiers. Tier 1 Team Training includes the integration of 4 of the key classroom management practices and their interconnectedness to school-wide practices. See the Tier 1 Team Training modules for more information.

This Classroom Management specific 1-day training will provide a more detailed look at all eight of the classroom management practices, reviewing the 4 from Tier I Team Training and training participants on the remaining 4. Coaches, administrators, team members, and other classroom management leads engage in the professional learning necessary to implement the eight identified classroom management practices/components in a systemic, efficient, and effective way. This will include:

1) providing training to school staff,
2) using the snapshots as self-assessment, peer-assessment, and walk through data to assess implementation of the components, and
3) providing support to staff where data or staff request indicate further need.

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for complete description and downloadable materials.

  • Trauma within PBIS Framework
Understanding how trauma impacts performance in the educational setting can change how we interact with our most vulnerable youth. In this session, we will discuss how to use the data from a national public health study to help staff develop a more informed view of working with all youth, ultimately creating a trauma-informed environment. In this session, participants will also learn about the short and long-term impact of trauma in the educational setting and strategies which can be immediately implemented in the classroom. Click here for complete description and downloadable materials.