Exploration of an Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF)
Mental Health Integration within Schools

Schools and community mental health providers often share a common goal of supporting students and families to achieve social and emotional wellness.  Traditionally, schools and community agencies are working in a co-located model to accomplish this common goal.  The Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF) is a structure and process to achieve a single system of delivery across education and mental health, with active family and youth involvement.  The ISF enhances the core features of PBIS, to expand the system, data, and practices required to meet the social, emotional and behavioral/mental health needs of students.

Who Should Participate: 

This training is intended for schools or communities who are identifying needs in supporting students beyond acting out problem behavior.  The training will assist teams in exploring the need within their district and identify how an integrated system might improve desired outcomes within their school community. Participants will learn about the key messages of the ISF and how the ISF enhances the core features of PBIS.  This includes engaging stakeholders to work differently, establishing a structure for integrated work, and creating a shared system.  Participants will develop an action plan for taking key learning back to engage district and community leadership. 

Participants can expect to leave being able to:
  • Describe the Interconnected Systems Framework.
  • Identify ISF Tools and their potential use.
  • List the steps for getting starting with the integration of PBIS and SMH.