Targeted Workgroup 16-17 Webinar Offerings
*Topics subject to change; For finalized topics, check your email invite to Webinar

 Exploration/Adoption Through Installation

1:00-2:00 Eastern
 Installation Through 
Implementation and Sustainability

2:15-3:15 Eastern
8/26/16Collaborative planning:  Developing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU); Funding Conversation; Confidentiality Conversation; Discussion of other potential barriers.Two sites will share their experience with the ISF Implementation Inventory.  This tool is used to measure fidelity of implementation of ISF.  It is in process of a validation study.  

9/16/16 Overview of trauma sensitive schools and trauma-informed practices integrated into MTSS.  Champaign, Illinois shares how they installed trauma informed interventions into MTSS. 

 10/14/16Screening with example from Methuen, MA    Georgia Project AWARE shares experience of developing continuum of interventions and incorporating screening data.
 12/9/16Resource mapping and alignmentBuncombe County School District shares their experiences of using tools to select interventions based on need.
 1/20/17Teaming overview            California example of teaming, selecting EBPs with protocol

 2/24/17Family Engagement overviewTwo districts in Illinois share their experiences of family engagement and participation across tiers.
3/24/17 Data-based decision making and selection of EBPs overviewPennsylvania shares process for selecting EBPs and use of data for decision making   
4/21/17 MATCH-ADTC overview                                                 Case study of using MATCH-ADTC within ISF
5/19/17 Pennsylvania Regional ISF Facilitator shares use of ISF Implementation Inventory to install ISF over time in two rural districts.
Florida Project AWARE shares experiences of using data for decision making.