Tier 1 Leadership & Readiness

School administrators and coaches will prepare to lead their school through the planning and implementation of PBIS. These leaders will learn the critical features of PBIS, and understand the integration of classroom management practices into Tier I. Participants will also learn about coaching and team facilitation roles, use of behavioral data for decision-making, and progress-monitoring for fidelity of implementation and student outcomes. School leaders may participate in this training as the third day follow-up to team training or in advance of team training (e.g.: Leaders participate in Summer Institute and Team participates in Fall Institute).

Who Should Participate: 

District and building-based leaders overseeing implementation of PBIS in the school. Including:
  • District-based PBIS Coach
  • School administrator
  • Tier 1 School-based Coach

Participants can expect to leave being able to:

  • Support and lead their school PBIS teams during Tier 1 Team Training
  • Understand the data, systems, and practices of PBIS
  • Build commitment in the school for implementation
  • Plan for team training and implementation
  • Organize the data for decision-making and progress monitoring
  • Plan for the professional development of school staff
  • Prepare for measuring the fidelity of PBIS implementation using the Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI)