Early Childhood Professional Learning Community Webinars
The Midwest PBIS Early Childhood Professional Learning Community (EC PLC) will meet three times throughout the 16-17 school year. We hope the calls allow EC PBIS implementers to network and share resources and ideas. To receive more information about EC PLC webinars or implementing EC PBIS in general, contact support@midwestpbis.org .

 Date Agenda Topic(s) Recordings & Webinar PPT
 October 11, 2016, 9am Central
  • Rationale for Professional Learning Community
  • Overview of Program Wide PBIS
  • Discussion of Current Efforts in Supporting Early Childhood in Illinois 
Password: ECPLC 
 December 8, 2016, 10am Central
  • Examples from Francinna Love and and Alton Early Childhood – Illinois sites
  • Deeper dive – EC tools and resources
    • Sue Zeiders, PAPBS Network
Password: ECPLC