Tier 2 Training

PBIS: Exploring the Framework through Tier 2/3 - 2 hour virtual event

Training Institutes
Join us for an overview of the core components of Tier 2/3 PBIS implementation using the outline of the PBIS Blueprint to address executive and Implementation functions. We will address training and coaching plans and the importance of having an evaluation plan. Participants will leave with an action plan addressing each area of the PBIS Blueprint. 

For Tier 3 information, see our Tier 3 webpage.

Who Should Participate*

This training is designed for school staff intended to engage in the coaching or coordination of Tier II systems, data, and the installation of Check-in Check-out.

  • Coordinators: School staff intending on overseeing/managing CICO
  • District/building based coaches specifically focused on supporting and overseeing Tier II and the installation of CICO
  • Facilitators: School staff intending on being the ones to deliver or facilitate CICO

Virtual Training Materials

Day Content Topics PPT
 Day 1- Overview of Tier 2 Systems - Critical Features - Team Composition PPT
 Day 2- Team Operating Procedures - Level of Use - Practices Matched to Student Need PPT
 Day 3- Development of CICO - Student Performance Data - What comes next after CICO - Accessing Tier 1 Supports PPT
 Day 4- Professional development - Fidelity - Action Planning PPT

Tier 2 Systems & CICO Implementation Workbook - Click here updated June 2020

In Person Training: Materials & Agenda

 Content  Activities and Tools
Days 1 and 2 cover Tier II systems and the development and installation of Check-in Check-out (CICO).  Focus will also be on 
data-based decision making at Tier II.

For Trainer:

  • PPT *updated Feb 2020*

Check-in Check-out Tools:
Annual Evaluation Tools:
Tier II/III Tracking Tools:

Examples of Tier II Content From Schools

District Specific Examples of Materials: