District Leadership Overview and Planning

This one-day introduction will bring district leaders together to explore critical components of  Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), an MTSS framework for climate, culture, social, emotional, and behavioral outcomes.  PBIS is the most researched and developed MTSS framework.  Through the use of activities and dialogue, leaders will acquire knowledge and build upon what is already known, to make informed decisions about next steps in improving the systems of support in place to positively impact student behavior.

Who is this for?
School Board Members
Assistant Superintendent(s)
Director of Special Education
Other District Personnel
PBIS District-based Coach/Coordinator

Participants can expect to explore:
  • How did we get here? 
  • Why is the district Implementing PBIS?
  • What initial questions do you have?
  • What are the key concepts of PBIS?
  • What is the vision for the district?
  • Are we organized around data?
  • What training/support is planned for schools? Who should participate?
  • Begin Aligning Initiatives
  • Role of the District-based coach, coordinator, and leadership team

Sample District Training Plan for Tier I Installation

Districts often request a training outline for Tier 1 Installation.  There is no one-plan-fits-all.  All training and technical assistance plans should be based on a district needs assessment.  Below are sample training plans, developed for a district with some current implementation in every school, but no training in the past 5 years and inconsistent Tier 1 fidelity across all schools:
* Fidelity and Sustainability of PBIS are best achieved when schools are supported through a district-based approach.  The "single school-based" plan shown here is only recommended when the school also functions as its own district.