Bullying Behavior Prevention

In this training, PBIS teams will learn how to teach students the tools to extinguish bullying behaviors through the application of School-Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, explicit instruction, and redefinition of the bullying construct.

Who Should Participate

This training is appropriate for any member of the school staff who wants to learn more about Bullying Behavior Prevention in PBIS through the Expect Respect curriculum.  This training is ideal for those interested in/intending to lead the charge within their district/building.
  • Tier 1 PBIS School Team (including school-based coach, administrator, and team members representing school community)
  • District-based External Coach
  • Additional Support Personnel

Participants Can Expect to Leave Being Able to

  • Define the logic for investing in bully behavior prevention
  • Define and understand bullying behaviors
  • Identify ineffective practices in preventing bullying
  • Identify core features of effective bullying behavior prevention, and how they fit within the PBIS framework
  • Establish the positive respectful school culture essential to preventing bullying behavior
  • Define how to collect and use data for both fidelity and impact
  • Establish plan for implementing BP within SWPBIS

Bullying Behavior Prevention Training Curriculum

Bullying Behavior Prevention Evaluation Resources

    • Fidelity check on Staff BP-PBIS Implementation v1,1 Staff BP-PBIS Implementation Survey: Adapted from National Center on PBIS' Bullying Prevention in PBIS for Elementary/Middle Schools, 2008.