Data-based Decision Making

This webinar will explore all facets of using office referral data for decision-making and action planning. It will specifically focus on utilization of SWIS data, but can be easily adapted to your own referral system. We will cover Core and Additional Data Reports, Building Precision Problem Statements, Drill Down and Action Planning.

Who Should Participate
Tier 1 Team Members – specifically Data Analyst, Coach and Admin
Essential Learner Outcomes
  • Navigate the SWIS Dashboard to locate the reports which answer the critical wh- questions (how often, who, what, when, where and why).
  • Navigate between Core Reports and Additional Reports in SWIS.
  • Navigate the Student Dashboard to generate individual student data and reports.
  • Understand and explain what data-based decision-making is, its usefulness, and its value in closing performance gaps.
  • Understand the “October Catch” and navigate the Referrals by Student Report to identify students who may benefit from more supports.
  • Develop a precise problem statement with answers to critical wh- questions.
  • Use the SWIS Dashboard to identify an area of concern and use the Drill Down Tool to build a precise problem statement.
  • Work through solution development and action planning around precision problem statements.