Restorative Practices

This session will describe the alignment of Restorative Practices (RP) within the SWPBIS framework in schools.  The training will specifically focus on the alignment of classroom, school-wide, data and teaching systems. Guidelines and cautions for aligning Restorative Practices into the SWPBIS framework will be shared with participants including examples from districts currently implementing RP within SWPBIS.

Who Should Participate:

This training is appropriate for any member of the Tier 1, 2, or 3 teams who wants to learn more about the alignment of RP into the SWPBIS framework.  This training is ideal for those interested in/intending to lead the charge within their district/building.
  • External Coaches
  • Internal Coaches
  • Administrators
  • Teachers
  • Student Support Personnel / Clinicians 
  • Etc.

Participants can expect to leave being able to:

  • Define Restorative Justice Practices 
  • Identify the goals of RP in schools
  • Define examples of how RP practices and strategies align with SWPBIS 
  • Develop 2-3 action items to take back to their schools to begin the alignment process