Teaming for More Effective and Efficient Data-based Decision Making

This session will review all aspects of data-based decision making utilizing SWIS data as well as the Team Initiated Problem Solving (TIPS) Model and Process. The value of data based decision making and how SWIS/TIPS can assist with this process will be demonstrated.

Essential Learner Outcomes:

  • Navigate the SWIS Dashboard to locate the reports which answer the critical wh- questions (how often, who, what, when, where and why).
  • Navigate between Core Reports and Additional Reports in SWIS.
  • Navigate the Student Dashboard to generate individual student data and reports.
  • Understand and explain what data-based decision making is, its usefulness, and its value in closing performance gaps.
  • Understand the “October Catch” and navigate the Referrals by Student Report to identify students who may benefit from more supports.
  • Develop a precise problem statement with answers to critical wh- questions.
  • Use the SWIS Dashboard to identify an area of concern and use the Drill Down Tool to build a precise problem statement.
  • Work through solution development and action planning around precision problem statements.
  • Utilize the TIPS (Team Initiated Problem Solving) Meeting Minute Form and Problem Solving Process to assist with development of action plans