Virtual Integrating Trauma within Your Current System
It is recommended that team members participate in the Trauma Awareness within PBIS training series prior to this series

*Note: Virtual Trainings take place through Zoom; it is not required to attend with anyone face to face during the COVID-19 Shelter in Place directive.

Teams participating in this training will learn to apply the core features of a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) to install a trauma informed approach that is integrated within their current PBIS framework. Teams will use virtual breakout rooms to have time for action planning 1) a professional development plan, 2) assessing and resource mapping current practices with trauma informed lens, and 3) identifying data for monitoring fidelity and outcomes of a trauma informed approach

Who Should Participate

District or school-based teams which include an administrator, school-based clinician(s), and teacher leaders representative of school. Other team members might include school nurses and others with mental health and/or behavioral expertise. It is recommended for the team members identified for this training to be members on current school-wide teams (i.e.: Tier 1 team, Tier 2 team) as trauma-informed practices should be aligned in your three-tiered framework, rather than a separate initiative.


  • Participants will be able to describe how PBIS provides the framework for data, system, and practices for trauma informed approach
  • Teams will assemble a professional development using multi-tiered logic 
  • Teams will assess current practices with a trauma informed lens and action plan for modifying, strategically abandoning, and adding practices
  • Teams will assemble an evaluation plan to monitor fidelity and impact of trauma informed approach