Wraparound/RENEW Follow-Up
This session is specifically designed for people who have been previously trained in Wraparound or RENEW. This is open to people who are currently implementing Wrap/RENEW and those who were trained and have not yet started implementation. We will utilize the 10 principles of Tier 3 work and current team action plans to guide the day. Our time together will allow us to dig deeper and gain a greater understanding of how to continuously engage parents and youth, develop strong teams, and create action plans more effectively. We will have time to identify and problem solve roadblocks and barriers commonly faced by Tier 3 facilitators. If you are currently, implementing a Tier 3 plan, please bring a current student/family wraparound plan ( make sure all identifying information is taken off of your document). These plans will be used to facilitate the learning process throughout the day.

Who Should Participate:
This session is designed for personnel who have completed the entire Wrap Around or RENEW training: District/Building coaches and administrators who support Wrap and RENEW facilitators, Tier 3 systems team members who help support Wrap/RENEW implementation.

Participants can expect to leave being able to:
  • Develop and facilitate effective teams with individual students and families 
  • Understand the steps for designing a tier 3 action plan to address needs across home, school, and community 
  • Use data tools for progress monitoring and assessing fidelity in all four Phases of Wraparound
  • Understand common roadblocks and solutions used by Tier 3 facilitators