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Sample District Training Plan for Tier I Installation

Districts often request a training outline for Tier 1 Installation.  There is no one-plan-fits-all.  All training and technical assistance plans should be based on a district needs assessment.  Below is just one example of a training plan, developed for a district with some current implementation in every school, but no training in the past 5 years and inconsistent Tier 1 fidelity across all schools. The plan was implemented over 1.5 school years. See following links to download a more detailed training plan example:

  • Day 1 - District Leadership Team Planning: Analyze district needs, explore training content, identify key personnel, plan for dates and messages.

  • Day 2 -PBIS Leadership Training for district-based coach(es), building administrators, and two Tier 1 team leaders from each school.

  • Days 3/4 -  Tier 1 Team training days for district-based coach(es) and Tier 1 School Teams

  • Day 5 - SWIS/TIPS Data and Data-based Decision-Making for building admin, Tier 1 team leaders, data analysts, and data entry personnel.

  • Day 6 - All staff kick-off. The big district-specific PBIS messages for all staff. 1/2 day with elementary. 1/2 day with MS/HS.

  • Day 7 - Tier 1 Booster/TA for Teams. Progress monitor fidelity of implementation. Provide TA on roadblocks.

  • Day 8 - Classroom Practices Coaching and Installation for district-based coach(es), Tier 1 Teams

  • Days 9-11 - Building Walk-throughs (1/2 day per building): Fidelity of implementation, classroom observations, TA with school administration and Tier 1 team

For more information about a PD plan for your District, contact support@midwestpbis.org

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Starting PBIS Tier I
Starting Tier I - Readiness

Classroom Practices
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Tier I Coaching for School and District Leaders
PBIS Introduction for 
New Team Members & Leaders

Tier I Coaching for School and District Leaders
 Tier I Team Booster

 Classroom Practices
Classroom Practices

Tier I Coaching for School and District Leaders
Tier I Leadership & Readiness
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  Tier I Coaching for School and District Leaders
 District Leadership Overview and Planning Day
 Tier 1
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