Tier II Continuum of Groups and Mentoring

This training session is designed to help teams and schools install a Continuum of Groups and Mentoring into their tiers of behavioral supports. Schools will be supported in the process of exploring critical features of Tier 2 interventions and how they are applied to groups and mentoring. Teams will learn about the systems necessary to support these interventions and the data used to assess student outcomes and intervention fidelity.

Who Should Participate:
This training is designed for school staff intended to engage in coaching, coordination of facilitation of groups or mentoring.
  • Coordinators: School staff intending on being the ones who oversee/manage groups or mentoring
  • District/building based coaches specifically focused on supporting Tier II
  • Facilitators: School staff intending on being the ones to deliver or facilitate groups or mentoring
Participants Can Expect To Leave Being Able To:
  • Understand how to apply the critical features of Tier II to groups and mentoring
  • Use Tier 1 data, Tier 2 data, and other referral sources to identify students in need of groups or mentoring
  • Use data for decision-making and on-going progress monitoring, knowing when to add more interventions, and how/when to exit students from groups or mentoring
  • Check for implementation fidelity of groups and mentoring
  • Be ready to design your next group or mentoring opportunity