Tier II Team Booster

This booster is designed for school teams who have been trained in Tier II Team Training more than 2 years ago.  Training is now aligned with the Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) and will give teams the opportunity to self assess based on the TFI and will also give teams the chance to refresh in each of the 13 key features of Tier II.  Teams will leave with a concrete action plan to boost their implementation.

Who Should Participate:

Teams who were formerly trained in PBIS Tier II more than 2 years ago.  Tier II (or combined Tier II/III) team includes a Tier II systems coordinator and individuals able to provide (a) applied behavioral expertise, (b) administrative authority, (c) knowledge of students, and (d) knowledge about operation of school across grade levels and programs.

Participants can expect to leave being able to:

  • Develop an action plan to boost TIer II implementation in all the areas of the TFI
  • Tier II team uses decision rules and multiple sources of data (e.g., ODRs, academic progress, screening tools, attendance, teacher/ family/student nominations) to identify students who require Tier II supports.
  • Tier II planning team uses written request for assistance form and process that are timely and available to all staff, families, and students.
  • Tier II behavior support interventions provide (a) additional instruction/time for student skill development, (b) additional structure/predictability, and/or (c) increased opportunity for feedback (e.g., daily progress report).
  • Tier II team tracks proportion of students experiencing success (% of participating students being successful) and uses Tier II intervention outcomes data and decision rules for progress monitoring and modification.