Tier I Team Training

During this interactive training, your team will learn the features of Tier I PBIS as well as have time to develop an action plan for implementation. The training is aligned to the Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI), which will support your team in having a solid foundation for the features of Tier I and ability to continue to assess implementation using TFI.


Who Should Attend

A team representative of your school community and who are committed to implementing behavior supports school-wide. The team should include school administrator, Tier I school-based coach, and typically four to six team members (e.g.: general education teacher(s), special education teacher, family representative, clinical staff, etc). District-based PBIS coaches are also encouraged to participate with school teams to support fidelity and sustainability of implementation throughout the district.

Participants Can Expect To Leave Being Able To

  • Compose a Tier I team to lead implementation and monitoring of school-wide behavior supports
  • Define behavioral expectations for your school
  • Establish a plan for teaching behavior and social emotional skills
  • Define system for handling problem behaviors
  • Establish an acknowledgement system for your school
  • Develop a professional development plan for staff
  • Implement an evaluation plan

Components of Tier 1 Roll-Out

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Tips for schools participating in PBIS Tier I Team Training

  1. Bring three laptops per school team, one for each of the three following functions:
    1. Coach/facilitator
    2. Note-taker
    3. Team member who will help create a full-staff overview presentation for your PBIS plan
  2. If you are concerned about wifi, download materials on this page in advance to your laptop. 
  3. Sit with your school team.

Tell us about your team at Training today!

This survey will be opened at the start of the first team training day. Have the every team member take the survey while you are getting settled:

Consider preparing the following in advance:
  1. Open the Tier 1 PBIS Team Workbook (Google Doc), make a copy, and share with teammates to use during training. OR download as a MS Word version if preferred and make copies.

  2. Print Rethinking Discipline Article/Activity. (Adapted from MO SW-PBS Team Workbook, retrieved 2.2013)
PBIS Assessment Account:
Need PBIS Apps for the TFI Survey?
If your school does not have a PBIS Apps account, complete this form and email it to diane.lamaster@midwestpbis.org :

Consider bringing the following from your school:

  1. Any/all school artifacts relating to behavioral supports/Tier I PBIS implementation 
  2. Current Behavior/Social Culture or PBIS Action Plan 
  3. School-wide Expectations and Behavior Matrix 
  4. Classroom Behavior Matrix 
  5. Behavioral Lesson Plans / Schedule for teaching 
  6. Acknowledgement and Reinforcement System/Schedule – for staff and students 
  7. Discipline Flowchart and Referral T-Chart 
  8. SWIS/Discipline Data 
  9. Results from your most recent PBIS Tiered Fidelity Inventory Tool 
  10. Staff feedback on school climate and discipline (e.g. SAS Survey)
  11. Team Meeting Schedule