Tier I Team Training - Overview

Tips for schools participating in PBIS Tier I Team Training:
  1. This training for school teams only. A representative team of your school community, including the building administrator, a designated school-based PBIS coach, and typically four to six additional Tier I team members (faculty, staff representatives; family representatives; clinical staff, etc.).  District-based PBIS coaches are also encouraged to participate with school teams to support fidelity and sustainability of implementation throughout the district. 
  2. Tier I PBIS Team Training is aligned to the Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) tool.
  3. Bring laptops.
  4. Download materials on this page in advance to your laptop. Wifi is also available at the training sites.
  5. Sit with your school team.

Tell us about your team at Training today?

This survey will be opened at the start of the first training day. Have the team coach or recorder complete one form on behalf of your team:

Consider printing the following:

  1. Tier I PBIS Team Workbook (one for the building-based coach, and one for the note-taker)
  2. Rethinking Discipline Article/Activity

Consider bringing the following from your school:

Need PBIS Apps for the TFI Survey?

If your school does not have a PBIS Apps account, complete this form and email it to diane.lamaster@midwestpbis.org :

  1. Any/all school artifacts relating to behavioral supports/Tier I PBIS implementation 
  2. Current Behavior/Social Culture or PBIS Action Plan 
  3. School-wide Expectations and Behavior Matrix 
  4. Classroom Behavior Matrix 
  5. Behavioral Lesson Plans / Schedule for teaching 
  6. Acknowledgement and Reinforcement System/Schedule – for staff and students 
  7. Discipline Flowchart and Referral T-Chart 
  8. SWIS/Discipline Data 
  9. Results from your most recent PBIS Tiered Fidelity Inventory Tool 
  10. Staff feedback on school climate and discipline (e.g. SAS Survey)
  11. Team Meeting Schedule

Tier I Team Training - Materials


Materials - Day 1

 Subject Content Activities & Tools
 Overview of Tier I
  • Overview of Team Training
  • Tier I Features of PBIS
  • Begin action planning for implementation 
  • Plan for TFI Assessment to enter in PBIS Apps
  • Complete PBIS Assessment School Information Sheet
 TFI 1.1: Team Composition &
 TFI 1.2: Operating Procedures
  •  Begin action planning for implementation
 TFI 1.3: Behavioral Expectations
  • School-wide Expectations
  • School-wide Matrix
  • Classroom Expectations and Matrix
  • Classroom Procedures
 TFI 1.4: Teaching Expectations
  •  Lesson Plans
  •  Schedule for teaching expectations
 TFI 1.10: Faculty Involvement and 
 TFI 1.11: Student/Family/Community Involvement
  •  Process for sharing data with faculty
  •  Process for faculty to provide feedback/suggestions throughout PBIS implementation

Materials - Day 2

 TFI 1.9: Feedback & Acknowledgement
  • Acknowledgement System
  • Acknowledgement System linked to SW Expectations
TFI 1.5: Problem Definitions &
TFI 1.6: Discipline Policies

TFI 1.8: Classroom Procedures (introduction)
  •  SWIS Definitions
  •  T-Chart
  •  Discipline Flowchart
  •  Office Discipline Referral 
TFI 1.12 Discipline Data & 
TFI 1.13 Data-based Decision Making
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Use data for problem solving & decision making
  • Share data with team and faculty monthly
 TFI 1.7: Professional Development
  • Develop detailed PD plan and timeline for implementation activities
 TFI 1.14: Fidelity Data & TFI 1.15: Annual Evaluation
  •  Measure fidelity & outcomes
  •  PBIS Assessments-Survey faculty, students & families

  • Enter completed TFI in PBIS Apps
 Wrap Up/Questions and Answers/Team Action Planning
  •  Action Plan for Implementation

Alternate Agenda Option for Items 1.7, 1.14, 1.15 and Wrap-Up