Exploring and Installing Group Interventions
for Targeted or Intensive Behaviors

This training is designed for school teams to explore and plan for installing group interventions for more targeted and intensive behaviors within their continuum of support. For example, a group intervention for students exhibiting behaviors of stress response possibly caused by trauma. This training will support teams to assess their current systems and interventions in place and analysis data to determine specific student need. Then plan for installing the systems and practices to support a intervention for targeted behaviors. Teams will also plan for what data will be used to monitor fidelity of the group intervention and individual student progress.

The focus of this training will be installing complex groups, which will layer upon lower-level tier 2 systems and practices. Therefore, Tier 2 Team Training and Tier 2 Continuum of Interventions Beyond CICO are both pre-requisites for this training.
Who Should Participate
This training is designed as a team training. Participants will be given time to collaborate and plan with their team. Recommend team members for participation include:
  • School administrator 
  • District/building based coaches supporting Tier 2 
  • Tier 2 Groups Coordinator (school staff overseeing/managing Tier 2 groups)
  • Complex Group Facilitator (school staff intending on facilitating complex group)
Participants Can Expect To Leave Being Able To
  • Define a complex group within a continuum of interventions
  • Use data to assess current status and need for installing a complex group for targeted student behaviors
  • Utilize a selection process to identify intervention/curriculum that best matches need and context of their system
  • Construct a plan for installing and implementing a complex group aligned to critical features of tier 2 interventions
  • Define a system for monitoring fidelity and outcomes of a complex group