Gold Level Recognition
Information regarding Gold Level Recognition requirements are below. Please note hyperlinked references throughout to help with specific requirements. Also note the TFI Tier 1 score minimum requirement has been updated to 70%
Schools assess their fidelity using the PBIS National Center Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI), which can be found and completed at PBIS Assessments websiteGold is earned for completing all of the following steps:
  1. Complete the TFI at PBIS Applications. (On the online Recognition application you will enter the date of your most recent TFI your school entered at PBIS Applications.) Schools must achieve fidelity at two Tiers according to the TFI:
    1. 70% at Tier 1
    2. 80% at Tier 2 or Tier 3
  2. Document % of  youth who have received 0-1 ODR, 2-5 ODR, and 5+ ODR (On the online Recognition application, you will enter % of youth by dividing youth receiving by total youth enrollment).
      • The expectation for Gold level of Recognition will be as follows:
        1. 80-90% of all students have 0-1 office discipline referrals (ODRs)
        2. 5-15% of all students have 2-5 ODRs
        3. 1-5% of students have 6 or more ODRs, and
        4. Suspension rates in the following ranges
          • Elementary Schools: 3.5% or fewer of students have received an out-of-school suspension.
          • Middle/Junior and High School: 6% or fewer students have received an out-of-school suspension.
            • Illinois Senate Bill 100 prohibits publicly-funded Illinois schools, including charters, from using "zero tolerance" discipline policies, unless otherwise required by law.  A key goal of the measure is to "limit the number and duration of expulsions and suspensions to the greatest extent practicable". 
  3. Document your Tier 2/Tier 3 Tracking tool data. (On the online Recognition application you will enter year-to-date data for the number of students receiving Tier 2 or Tier 3 supports, along with the % responding to interventions. )
      • The expectation for receiving Gold Level of Recognition will be as follows:
        • Schools have at least one (1) Tier 2 or Tier 3 intervention supporting youth who are not responding to Tier 1 supports.  (Examples of these may include: CICO, CICO with individualized features, Social/ Academic Instructional Groups, Mentoring, FBA/BIP, etc.) 
        • 5-15% of youth are receiving Tier 2/3 Interventions. 
        • At least 70% of youth are responding (on average) to each Tier 2/3 intervention offered in your Tier 2/3 continuum of interventions.
  4. Document two (2) Action Steps from your TFI and/or Tier 1 or Tier 2 data that you are using to improve student outcomes. (On the online Recognition application you will select the TFI feature that your Action Step directly corresponds to).
  5. Complete and submit the Midwest PBIS online application.