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 2015-16 School Recognition Information

Criteria to be recognized as a PBIS implementing school in 2015-16
will be very similar to Illinois criteria from last year.

To view the 2015-16 
Recognized Schools list, 
All Recognition applications are completed online, and were due by May 25, 2016. For late application submissions, please apply online by August 30, 2016 and then email eval@midwestpbis.org. We will review any late applications before August 30, 2016.

See below for an at-a-glance summary for each level of Recognition.  
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          • After reviewing the information on this page, visit the Recognition FAQs and Recognition Webinars.


Application Questions
*new April 2016* 
Before you begin the online application, review the Questions asked at each level.

All Recognition Information

For full details of each Recognition level, 
click on the medal below.

For full details of each Recognition level, 
click on the medal to the right.
Have the following available before you apply.
 Online Recognition Application [*view Webinar*]  
 Complete the TFI Online 
 (Remember to use the appendices on pages 27-31 of  
  the TFI hardcopy tool to guide your scoring).
 Completed TFI

 Minimum number of Tiers at Fidelity on TFI    0  1  2  3
 Report on ODR Data  SWIS ODR Triangle Data or  similar  
 Meet ODR Data Requirements      
 Report on Action Steps aligned with TFI features [*view Webinar*]  Multi-Tiered or TFI Action  Plan used by school team  
 Report T2/T3 Tracking Tool Data, meeting requirements for students  receiving and responding to  T2/T3 interventions [*view Webinar*]  Tier 2/Tier 3 Tracking  Tool or similar    
 Report on academic trends for the past three (3) school years, with  evidence of improving or sustaining [*view Webinar*] Three years of an academic trend data  source (e.g. DIBELS, Easy CBM, Aimsweb, MAP testing results/reports, % of students passing all classes, etc.)